On 5th July 2011 the book titled
"Willa Taira - my adventure with the black terrier." was published

The book consists of three parts:
I - a sort of biography of the kennel and my adventures with the dogs. This is a collection of stories full of humor and emotions, which many have come up over the years. Interesting reading for anyone who likes books about dogs.
II - is "the practical black terrier guide". The most important practical advices, which I usually give my puppy buyers. Interesting reading for owners of puppies and people willing to learn the breed closer.
III - the information associated with my kennel: overview of litters, matings, obtained titles, results of exhibitions, etc. Interesting information for breeders and enthusiasts of black terriers.

Here is the review placed on the cover of the book:

Willa Taira is one of the best black terrier kennels in the world. In June 2010 Willa Taira celebrated its 15th anniversary. For this occasion Patrycja Spotan - the owner of the kennel decided to present the following book.

“Willa Taira – my adventure with black terrier” the wonderfully absorbing and passionate book which presents a touching story about devotion to one’s hobby. The moving and honest story shows not only the bright side of breeding but also the truth about difficulties and problems which it causes, including happiness and satisfaction from every success. This is a story that entertains and affects at the same time.

In my opinion this is the obligatory title for every blackie owner, however, I can assure that not only the ones who are fond of black terriers, may be interested in that book. As the book is written in a very approachable way, presenting many true stories, it gives you such a pleasurable moments when reading.

Maja Kowalska
“Rapa Nui” the black giant schnauzer kennel

The book is written in two languages: Polish and English. It has 200 pages.
Her format is similar to A4.

The book has it's site on facebook. We invite you to visit it:

At this point I wanted to thank two people:

Maja Kowalska - for her time and effort put in working on the text editor and for her invaluable support, which she gave me during the creative process
Olga Forlicz - my publisher for the great help to cope with the technical side of the whole project.

Thanks again my Dear!! What I'd done without you:)