If it's not a Black Russian Terrier, it's just a dog

The Kennel Willa Taira was found in 1995 (24 years ago), when our very first litter was born. The founder of the kennel was my mother - Ewa Spotan. Our motto always was, is and going to be ''Quality not Quantity", hence our dogs, are from well potentially well considered litters. It is very important for us to not only to show the exterior of our dogs, but also their health and psychic abilities. We strive to show all the dogs from our kennel Willa Taira, but it is not that easy.


So far 14 litters were being shown (there are already 6 generations of dogs with the Willa Taira prefix).
Dogs bred and brought up by us have many victories at the big shows in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Germany, Finland, Canada, Russia, Boulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, USA and Lithuania and have won many prestige titles.


WILLA TAIRA has 35 champions, which all togather received 95 titles of champion.  



28 x Best BRT Puppy

136 x Junior Winner

223 x Best of Sex

141 x Best of Breed

95 x CACIB

47 x Res.CACIB


2 x Puppy BIS

3 x v-ce Puppy BIS

1 x Puppy BIS IV

4 x Junior BIS

v-ce Junior BIS

Junior BIS III

Junior BIS IV
Junior BIS gr. II

8 x BOG

7 x BOG II

12 x BOG III







We won the prestige titles:


25 x Junior Champion of Poland

1 x Junior Champion of Germany (KFT)

1 x Junior Champion of Denmark

1 x Veteran Champion of Poland

30 x Champion of Poland
2 x Champion of Estonia
3 x Champion of Lithuania
2 x Champion of Hungary
1 x Champion of AKC
2 x Champion of Denmark

1 x Champion of Romania

1 x Champion of Bulgaria

1 x Champion of Italy

3 x Champion of Slovakia

2 x Champion of Germany (VDH)

2 x Champion of Czech Republic

6 x Club Champion of Czech Republic

3 x Club Champion of Slovakia

1 x Grand Champion of Bulgaria
7 x Interchampion


Junior v-ce World Winner '12
Winner of European Show for Black Terriers + Best of Breed - Nitra '04 (Slovakia)

Best of Breed on the special show for BRTs - Kaliningrad '98 (Russia)

Mid & East Europe Cup Winner '03

Champion Show Winner '96, '97, '98, '99, '11

Club Winner of Poland '96, '97, '03, '16

Winner of Poland '95, '96, '97, '98, '99, '02, '03

Winner of Lithuania '99

Winner of Czech Rep. '07, '11 (x2)

Winner of Denmark ‘16

Nordic Winner '08

Junior class winner on special show for BRTs - Kaliningrad '98 (Russia)

Junior Class Winner on BRT Club Show - Cingov '00 (Slovakia)

VDH - Europajugendsieger '01

Junior Winner of Poland '96, '02, '03, '09, '14
Junior Winner of Slovakia '07

Junior Club Winner of Poland '96 (x 2), '98, '02, '03 (x 2), '10

Junior Winner of Sweden'19

Junior Winner of Denmark '19

Junior Winner of Norway '19

Junior Winner - BRT club dog show Norrköping '19 (Sweden)



3 x Best Couple - International Dog Show: Warszawa 2002, Leszno 2002, Szczecin 2002


Best Kennel - International Dog Show: Sopot 2003

II Best Kennel - International Dog Show: Warszawa 2002, Warszawa 2003

Best BRTs kennel - club show Włocławek '03, Poznań '07

3rd Best Kennel among all terrier breeds - club show Włocławek '03


Best BRT of year: 1998 (female), 2002 (male & female), 2003 (male)

Best Puppy of the year 2003 in Finland (title given by The Finish BRT Club)


Best Stud Dog among all terrier breeds - club show Włocławek '03

II Stud Male among all terrier breeds - club show Poznań '07

Best Stud Male among black terriers - club show Poznań '07

* ranking of Polish BRT service


Dogs with prefix WILLA TAIRA and our imports had influence on the black terrier breeding in Poland and abroud. Our dogs sired many litters of littel blackies. Their puppies live in Poland, Russia, England, Finland, Belgium, Czech Rep., Germany, Slovenia, Holland, USA, Canada, Italy, Slovakia and Hungary. Many of them take part in dog shows with good results and receive prestigious titles. You can read more about it: HERE

Funt Bogmar Traper (Brutus)

And that is how it all started:

First dog came to our house in 1990 and it was not a BRT but a Giant Schnauzer: Funt Bogmar Traper, home name Brutus. Buying him we were not thinking about shows whatsoever. We just wanted him to be our friend and protector. Brutus was growing up, getting prettier and prettier everyday, and the shows were more and more tempting... And finally... We went to our first show when Brutus was more than 2 years old, and we just wanted to see what this show bug is all about. Surprisingly, it appeared that we owe quite handsome representative of the breed - and that is how our show adventure has started!


3 years later first BRT came to our house. Her name was Taira (Tiurma z Runowa) and she was with us 11 year. Although buying Taira we were thinking about the shows none of us expected serious dog breeding in future. Taira literally conquered our hearts with her wonderful, well-balanced, strong character, moreover, it appeared that her anatomy is excellent. Our success was immense. This way one day we were ripe for our own kennel. Our love to Taira was so big that we wanted her to become a happy mum, leaving us her beutiful puppies. Taira will always stay with us through her children and grandchildren, and her name became a name of our kennel for whenever it exists.

We did not even notice falling in love with BRTs, and BRT breeding is now a passion of a lifetime.

The Willa Taira kernel would never achieve such a success without the help of our two friends: Edyta Kordowiecka and Tomek Olkowski. One day we decided to join forces and breed these wonderful dogs together. Our vision of the black terrier is similar, we also share goals and the love for Willa Taira blackies.

In June 2004 my mom passed away. With her departure I also lost a friend and a fellow breeder - a person with extensive knowledge of the breed and a true talent for grooming. It was not easy without her and many expected this kernel to end.

Our friends have given us plenty of support, help and warmth, convincing us that "we can make it". And then...

In November we went to the European Black Terrier Show in Slovakia, returning with Best of Breed for Impresja Valikord Willa Taira. Following years brought next matings, next imports, and next champions under Willa Taira prefix. We hope we have proved to others - and to ourselves and my mom, first of all - that we "can make it".

In May 2007 the last litter was born in Tomek Olkowski's house and in December 2013 Edyta Kordowiecka has resigned from breeding. After many years of shared adventure we parted ways. Tomek and Edyta focused on other aspects of their life, although I am convinced that, in their hearts Black Terriers still occupy a very important place. Silently I hope that, one day they come back to breeding  blackies.

In July 2011 the book titled "Willa Taira - my adventure with the black terrier." was published. It's a sort of biography of the kennel and my adventures with the dogs. This is a collection of stories full of humor and emotions, which many have come up over the years. Interesting reading for anyone who likes books about dogs. You can read more about it: HERE

I hope my mom is watching me from above and is proud of me, because whatever I do - I do it thinking of her !!